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The Professional PCB design center with Years of design experience in China , specialized in high-speed PCB desig

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FPC design and PCB design is very different, the difference is in FPC the production process and materials, professional FPC design, in strict accordance with the production process design library , follow the FPC design rules

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Many kinds of pcb designs to exercises, from the simple 2-layer keyboard to a difficult 8-layer computer and 10-layers smartphone mainboard

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Digital Modeling Yields Efficient Rigid-Flex PCB Design Processes

More than ever before, product experiences are being driven by customer interaction (i.e., seeing, touching) with the physical, mechanical model. The necessity to constantly satisfy the senses of the physical experience requires that printed-circuit-board (PCB) assemblies be smaller and denser to fit pre-conceptualized mechanical structures. The mechanical model becoming such an influential factor has turned

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Discussion on Power and Ground in Electromagnetic Compatibility of PCB

The improving of electronic products is closely related with the progress of electronic technology. With the fast development of electronic technology, electronic products have developed towards miniature and density that brings about much interference to PCB electromagnetic compatibility design in which power and ground are the most essential part. Therefore, confronted with the development of

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Commonly Seen PCB Design Issues

The most basic form of design for manufacture as it applies to PCBs is the use design rules and design rule checking in PCB design software. Design rule checking (DRC) is the process of looking at a design to see if it conforms to the manufacturing capabilities of a PCB fabricator. Typically the designer will

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The PCB Manufacturing Process

PCBs are the basis of all electronics designs. They allow complex designs to be manufactured in a reliable and repeatable way. While the manufacture of PCBs is typically handled by a PCB fabricator, it is important for PCB designers to understand the manufacturing process. With an understanding of the process a designer has an insight

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Possible Problems and Solutions in the Process of PCB Design

Compared with the development of software system, the hardware design and its optimization of electronics have seen the practical problems such as long time consumption and high cost. However, in the actual design, engineers tend to pay more attention to the highly principled issues but what lead to the great influence on the operation of

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EMI and Signal Integrity: How to Address Both in PCB Design

  Posted by In Compliance on January 30, 2015 in Design | Leave a response Let’s do a comparison of EMI (electromagnetic interference) design and signal integrity. EMI focuses on the associated specifications and testing requirements and interference between neighboring equipment. Signal integrity addresses the degradation of signal quality to the point where erroneous results

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What you need to know about PCB design & manufacturing

  Making Your Idea into Reality Going from prototyping circuits on a breadboard, to designing our own printed circuit board (PCB) is like going off training wheels. There is a lot to know about this process, so let’s dive in.   Buckle your seat belt, Dorothy, cuz Kansas is going Bye Bye. Welcome to the

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PCB Design Software – Which One is Best?

PCB Design Software – Which One is Best? Article Technical Rating: 7 out of 10 There are numerous software packages available for designing printed circuit boards (PCBs), too many in fact. That being said, there are three PCB design packages that are the most popular: Altium, Eagle, and OrCAD. For a struggling entrepreneur or freelance

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PCB Designers Need to Know These Panelization Guidelines

  Unplanned delays and redesigns can be avoided by following common-sense PCB processing edge and array guidelines, as well as understanding the basics of the assembly methods. Senior Manufacturing Engineer, PC Board Assembly Department, AMETEK This article provides common-sense printed-circuit-board (PCB) processing edge and array guidelines that should give most assemblers a good chance at

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The Engineer’s Guide To High-Quality PCB Design

Eventually, almost every EE must design a PCB, which isn’t something that’s taught in school. Yet engineers, technicians, and even novice PCB designers can create high-quality PCBs for any and every purpose with confidence that the outcome will meet or exceed the objective. Virtually every electronic product is constructed with one or more printed-circuit boards

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How to Make the Perfect PCB

This post is the first in a two part series about designing the perfect printed circuit board (PCB). This part focuses on the pre-layout details that may be more important than you realize. The second part focuses more on the actual PCB layout and post-layout considerations. Breadboards are amazing for prototyping and are an invaluable

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PCB Design is critical process for product quality, cost and time plan. Good design will give “A LOT OF HAPPY” toward customers. Let’s enhance our responsible work with professional mind . Overall working mind in my team.