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Linelink INC is located in Invine , Organe CA ,  Company headquarters in Beijing .

Beijing Linelink Tech Co., Ltd, founded in 2005, is a high-tech enterprise located in China Beijing Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park. The Company focuses on the PCB design and electronic manufacturing services. It endeavors to establish a professional one-stop solutions service system which makes PCB design and its value-added services (SI/EMC/PI/Thermal/DFM analysis, etc.) as its core competitiveness and the EMS as the supplement.

Our designs involves the following fields, such as network communication, industrial control, intelligent hardware, medical care, precise instrument, aviation, automotive electronics, IC test platform (ATE  PCB  Layout, ect.). The largest design output has a maximum of 40 layers. The 14Gbps differential signal reaches 100cm.

The Company also provides electronic product research and development services, such as communication technology, data collection and industrial monitoring and so on.

The Company has also offered training on high-speed circuit PCB, EMC and EMI, PCB design and processing specification, and erecting welding process, etc.

Our Advantages

As everyone knows, considering saving the cost, better focus on Chinese market. Then our company can help achieve the goal, maximize the benefit

Good communicate makes perfect success. All of our engineers can write and speak English for no barrier communication. Internet can make us more effective.

Our branch office will be found in Los Angeles on Nov. May that be more smooth link up.

We do qualified using Allegro, PADS, Protel, Mentor and all the common software.

We ever have been involved in many area for design, like telecommunications, intelligent hardware, energy industry, medical treatment, aerospace, etc. So not only good at PCB, also FPC.

If you have future question or requirements please don’t be hesitated to contact us. We can offer the sample and design pictures for free; of course the quotation will be the lowest you never