PCB high-speed design; multi-layer circuit board design; strip lines and microstrip lines with the consideration of the requirement of timing sequence; communication quality; signal matching; topological structure of signal routing; high-speed current return path; decoupling; decoupling capacitor distribution; signal impedance control and lamination control; single-board EMC/EMI strategy analysis; and buried / blind via etc. From the perspective of high-speed PCB layout, with our experiences in layout and EMC for the optimization of your circuit design, so that your circuit boards can be best optimized in PCB layout.

Our skilled engineers have accumulated years of experience in PCB / FPC design in internationally renowned companies. They are skilled in the thermal dissipation of SI and EMI, and years of experiences in high-speed PCB / FPC. They are also adept in the layout of high-speed, multi-layer and high density PCB for network products, communication products, computer motherboards, and graphics cards. They are committed to offering excellent layout suggestions and optimization proposals for customers with their professional experiences, trying their best to save cost while ensuring the quality, and offering high quality design and services of international standards.